Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alycia and Terrance's Visit

The HOTTEST 12 celeb men!

It is amazing how good it feels to waste my spare time doing absolutely nothing but her you go...the Twelve hottest guys ever:

1. Gerard anything but especially in 300. Bronze helmet, long red cape, leather, and lots of skin...who can resist? Really?

2. Orlando Bloom. Not really my know tall, dark, hansom, and extremely masculine but there is just something about him!
3. Prince William. Definitely the hottest royal to date.

4. Val Kilmer. Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, until the late 90's at lest.

5. Kevin Costner. It must be all the leather because I know it is not the mullet! LOL! 6. Harrison Ford. Yeah, pretty much the hottest old man on the planet. 7. Robert Pattinson. Yeah...sad I know but when his hair is not too big he is pretty hot.

8. Sean Connery. The James Bond one...not the First Knight one. 9. David Duchoveny. Yeah, I saw his naked but once on the Red Shoe Diary's. Thank you late Friday night HBO.
10. Johy Depp in the Astronauts Wife. Blond hair, blue eyes, and a southern accent what girls blood wouldn't boil? LOL. 11. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. With those intense eyes and fabulous jaw line...mmmmm.

12. Matthew Mcconaughey. The hottest Cowboy I have ever seen.

Wow, my bi-weekly posts have quickly turned into monthly posts if I am lucky. How sad that is for me...if only there were more hours in the day. A few months ago I mistakenly thought to myself how nice it would be when Gunnar and crawl around well and play with his toys then I will have more time to do things like scrapbook, post on my blog, and read. How wrong I was. I have only gotten busier because he is busier. Always hungry, or board, or needing his diaper changed, or into something, or ready for a nap. It is a marvelous thing to be a mother and I am so thankful that I have him...and I know I have said this a thousand times...but they really don't prepare you for how little time you will have left to do...well, anything. He now has four teeth. Two on the bottom and two on the top. He hasn't got his front teeth on the top yet though...his eye teeth are the ones coming in. I think it is adorable, he is going to have vampire teeth...and just in time for Halloween. LOL. He has also developed a fascination with the bathroom...probably because he only gets to go in when he takes a bath and that is it but still...I can't keep in away from it. And he thinks he is sly by pretending to crawl into his room to play and when he thinks we aren't paying attention he will make a break for it right down the hallway to the bathroom. His personality is developing more every day and I LOVE it! I also think his eyes are going to stay bluish gold because it has been nine months without even a hint of them changing. I was certain they would be brown like his fathers.