Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wow!!! What a busy week. I turned { 25 } on Thursday and my fiance Adam and I have the kitchen completely ripped apart. We are putting in new cabinets! I am so excited to see it done that I can barely wait. I also received my welcome kit from Craft Warehouse...YAAAHHHH! Here are some pictures.

I am so super excited about the stamps form Technique Tuesday! They are {FabUlOuS}! I also got some of the new crackle distress paints. I can't wait to get my firs assignment.

Here are some pictures from the convention.

Look at all those ladies waiting to get into the classes! How exciting. There is my sister teaching her layout class...she did an awesome job. Finally...the two TA's who helped my sister in her classes. They were awfully sweet and one of them had a British accent.
Here are some hilarious pictures of the guys at the Rusty Pickle booth. They did the Bunny Hop around the convention center as a contest to introduce their new line White Chocolate Bunnies. It was great fun and the girls had an awesome time.

I also got a glimpse of Ali Edwards as I was sitting down to eat some lunch. She was all the way across the convention center from me followed and talked to by everyone who knew who she could you not know. rather then run up to her and join in the following I just snapped a couple of pictures. This was the best one.

The convention was a lot of fun and I picked up some good product and inspiration! I can't wait to go next year!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Well...I got back from Portland last night around midnight and am completely exhausted! I went to the CK convention on Saturday and not only was it {AweSoMe} but it was also {eXhAuSTinG}! I saw some great new product...bought some great new a lot of new ideas...and was really inspired by a lot of the things I saw. The sad thing was that once I was flooded with inspiration and wanted to run home right away to scrapbook...I couldn't...I was 4oo miles away from my stuff! It was a terrible a lost puppy dog. I also watched my sister teach one of her classes and she did a great job!! Way to go {SiSteR}! I also had an Ali sighting and snapped a few pictures. I have some great pictures from the convention and I will post them latter. I got my welcome package from Craft Warehouse tonight and I have to go explore...!