Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Search for Satisfaction

Excuse the poor quality of the picture...I had to be my own model and take the photo with my phone  all the while trying to reign in my bubbling excitement...not a very easy task. 
Excuse the poor quality of the picture...I took it with my phone.
For the past few months I have taken a short hiatus from doing anything really crafty because nothing really motivated me. I spent most of my time being ridiculously bored with no creative outlet and walking through my scrapbook room staring at things and wondering why I couldn't get motivated to do anything. Finally I cam across a pattern for a coat and decided I was gonna try and make one for myself. I got the pattern traced and cut out (which I have found is the worst and most time consuming process of sewing clothes) and finally started putting it together a few days ago. As I progressed with the pattern I became more and more excited about the project. Once I got the hood and upper body (minus the sleeves) of the coat done I was so excited I did my happy dance (yes...I have a happy dance...courtesy of my sister...she taught me) and proceeded to wear the partially finished jacket around for the next two hours. Last night I was able to get one of the sleeves done and attached ( the hardest part so far...with the worst instructions...guess I will have to youtube it...I love youtube) and did another even more excited happy dance to which Gunnar fell over on the floor laughing like crazy over. Then I wore it around again for a while...not quite two hours this time...but pretty close. Anyway, the moral of the story is that I have finally found some creative satisfaction...doing something new and something useful! I can actually wear this coat and when people ask me where I got it I can say: "Yep, I made it!".