Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here is what I am working on right now. A mini book titled "Waiting for you". It will go month by month and what I felt during that time. The front and back cover are chipboard covered with cork and the inside pages are covered in felt and blanket stitched around the edges. So far all I have completed is the front and back cover and one inner page covered with felt. I think it is turning out super cute and can't wait to get it finished.
Sometimes when you have not had a family yet and you scrapbook you find you feel like you have run out of things to scrapbook about and everything you do scrapbook feels redundant. has all changed...I feel like I have a purpose again. A scrapbooking purpose. To remember every feeling, every thought, and every thing that happens during this time. You only have your first child once. I hope to be able to document them all.