Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

 Christmas this year was a WHOLE lot better then last year...Gunnar actually got the point! He loved everything and by the end started opening presents that weren't even his just to open them. It was such a joy to watch.

Dad bought him a Thomas the Tank Engine train set which you can see he loved.

Not as much as his vacuum though! Sheesshh.

Woody and Buzz made a definite appearance!

Our tree was beautiful...all red and gold, Gunnar had an amazing day, and the food was fabulous! A sure success in the Tamez home and a Christmas to never forget!

Winter 2010

Yes...I am a bit late with this post...about a month but who is counting. Anyway, as you can see winter finally arrived and with a vengeance. I haven't seen this much snow for more years then I can count! It was wonderful! Here are some of my favorite pics. 

Probably my favorite photo...ever!

His first snow man...as you can see daddy goes big or goes home!

Yes, Granny Good Witch...those are socks on his hands...I have not forgotten. 

Gunnar's 2nd Birthday 2010

Gunnar's 2nd birthday was a huge success! He loved every second of it!
We had a funfetti cake with raspberry filling and ice cream, a blue pinata, and all the candy he could eat...(it was is birthday I could hardly refuse).

The cake and pinata were my greatest triumphs! I think I was more excited than Gunnar was! Can't wait until next year!

My purpose: to re-purpose!

So this blog totally speaks to me! She is a genius...check out her gallery! The headboard and dresser benches are amazing. I could totally do this...maybe!