Monday, March 30, 2009

I am super sad lately because all the blogs I read are not getting updated. I am sure it is because everyone, like me, has just had a new baby and we are all super busy and the last thing on our minds is our blogs but i miss the new projects and stories about new products and stores they have visited. Some day soon I hope to have the time to get back into my scrapbook room and get immerse myself in the joy of it. I have missed it.

Anyway, there is not a whole lot going on lately. Gunnar is getting big and doing so many more things it is amazing. Sometimes I forget that he is only three months old. I swear he is an " old soul". Sometimes the faces he makes and the way he looks at you makes me think he knows more than I can imagine. It is amazing how your world can shift so dramatically to revolve around the life and well-being of one little person. It is phenomenal.

Oh, one exciting thing that has happened lately is that Twilight came out. I have only watched it about 10,000 times since I got it on the 23rd. I can't wait for the second one now. Adam thinks I am crazy as well as a few others (sarah) but I love it anyway! How can you not?

Adam and I's first wedding anniversary is coming up and I have asked for a kindle 2. Does anyone have one? If so what do you think of it? The kindle is a digital reading device that holds books digitally and will actually read to you if you want. You can see it on and it holds about 1,500 books. It is awesome. It is really expensive though...about $350.00 but the books for it run from $12.oo to free so maybe it balances out. Well, we will see.