Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Snow and the Fit that Followed!

It has been snowing all day here and finally it stopped this afternoon so I thought that I would take Gun out for just a few minutes to play in it. I was not quite prepared for the snow so he had now waterproof gloves or snow boots but I decided to try it anyway. Well you can imagine how that went...he walked out was super excited and stuck his hands right in the wet snow...not the dry stuff...the wet stuff. So he lasted about five more minutes before he was making faces about his fingers being cold so we came inside in proceeded to throw the biggest fit thus far of his career. It was amazing...frustrating...funny...and adorable!

Guns Favorite Hat...uhhhggg!

As you can see we have entered the stage where Gun now has favorites. His favorite doll, his favorite toys, his favorite shoes, his favorite vacuum, and yes his favorite hat...uhhggg. As you can also tell I am not exactly excited about it! The only thing that could be worse was if he was a girl...LOL!