Monday, March 15, 2010

Lord help us we have entered the tantrum stage!! Honestly I was not quite prepared for it as you always hear about the "terrible two's" and I was under the ridiculous assumption that that term was quite literal and I sill had another 8 moths of that sweet baby that easily goes with the flow. He has now developed a mind of his own (dammit) and has decided that when he wants something he wants it now and he better get it. It is quite an experience to be standing there above your 14 month old watching him fling himself on the ground roll around, kicking and screaming with mixed feelings while others are stopping to stare. On one hand you want to stand him up and beat him for it, on another hand you just want him to stop so that everyone will quit staring, but yet you want to break out in belly laughs at your son's antics. I sit down everyday, look at him and wonder how he will surprise me as he grows far I have not been disappointed. Everyday has definitely been an experience.