Saturday, February 7, 2009

As a new mom the list of things to worry about seems infinite. Are they sick, are they hungry, are they tired, are they too cold, are they too hot, are they breathing, in general...are they okay? These worries have recently gotten on Adams nerves...and the other day he turned to me and said "stop it...he is okay...he is not going to are always looking at him like he is just miserable!" I got really upset and told him that he should just get used to me worrying about him now because I am going to do it for the rest of my life. Even when he is 40 and has his own kids I will still worry about is my job now. Since then I have lightened up a bit and he has gotten over it. But I still worry about a lot of things. My recent worry is that he is too skinny. You always seem to grow up with the notion that babies are these cute little balls of jelly with rolls on top of rolls. You know rolls on their feet. I always imagined...with my propensity to be chubby...that I would have a "stay puff marshmallow" baby but Gunnar is astoundingly thin. It is not necessarily that I think he is starving skinny he is just not as chubby as I always imagined he would be. I guess that I should be happy...he takes after his father and will hopefully be really tall and relatively thin rather than unremarkably short and stout like me. I know it is not something I should be worried about...he is gaining like he should be and pediatrician called him perfect and told me we were doing a good job it is just hard not to worry.
We also decided to switch Gunnar to formula because we think that he has a sensitivity to milk. I don't necessarily think that he is allergic to milk just sensitive to it because he throws it up every time. He can't seem to keep much of it down and has to eat all the time. We started using formula at night to see if we could get him to sleep a little longer at night and saw such an improvement that we had to consider the possibility. And after yesterday when he was lying in a puddle of spit-up I decided enough was enough and he was going to formula. Although he has only been switched for a day the improvement is remarkable. He no longer spits-up and he seems to sleep better...more sound. Needless to say my boobs are KILLING me but if he feels better it is all worth it.
He is sleeping right now and he looks like a sweet little angle. I told Adam last night that I can't believe that we made him and he started from a teeny little sperm...what a miracle he is.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Isn't he cute. I love the look on his face in the last one. Definitely scrapbook worthy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

awwwww.....I want this(the picture is not great):

My Minds Eye always does a great job. I love 90% of what the they come up with. Check out the rest of their new releases at their website:

Also check out the new Cosmo Cricket. I love the Snorkel line.