Monday, October 31, 2011

The Empire Strikes Back

After countless hours practicing his knocking on the door, saying trick-or-treat, and then thank you we left the house on our way out to collect as much candy as possible! We started out in one of the better neighborhoods in town with great expectations only to have them crushed when almost every house we visited ignored our knock on the door. I was a little peaked...ok, ok, honestly I was pretty pissed off over the whole situation. are gonna ignore your door on Halloween night with your cars sitting right out front in the drive when you live in one of the better neighborhoods in town? It made me miss my childhood when there were about 500 (or what seemed like 500) other kids out on the street walking from house to house and every house on the street had their door open, smiles one their faces, and bowls of candy in their hand ready for the hoard to arrive. Oh the good old days.

Despite the lack of show from the neighborhood he loved every minute of the experience and got as much candy as he could carry, but by far his favorite part of the night was growling at all the other little kids from behind his Darth Vader mask and getting bubble wrap from his Aunt April. He loves that bubble wrap...don't all kids?

Well...Happy Halloween!