Friday, October 10, 2008

Sometimes I am overwhelmed at the range of emotions you feel when you are pregnant. Sometimes life is so great...especially now that I am pregnant...but at the same time life can be really shitty for the same reasons.

1. Back Pain: Oh my god...I thought my back hurt after a long day at work before. Now that Gunnar is HUGE my back is killing me. My boobs are getting bigger FINALLY...which by the way is awesome especially when the ones you have had all your life are almost just have to deal with the back ache all the time.

2. Mood Swings: One second I am completely fine and my day is going great and all it takes is a look or a tone of voice...even if the other person is not aware of doesn't matter all that happiness goes out the window and I am replaced with super bitch. After that there is no turning back.

3. Heart Burn: For GODS Sakes...where did that come from. I swear I could look at a piece of food and get heart burn. It doesn't matter if the food is and acidic one or not...I get heart burn regardless. Fruit, cheese, chocolate, soup, just about anything. It is particularly annoying when you wake up with the burning in your throat at about 2:oo in the morning, knowing that you have to be up at 4:30 to go to work. The only thing that helps is water, milk, and tums. I should by stock in tums...I would be a millionaire.

4. Peeing every FIVE seconds: how annoying...every time you take a step or sit down and stand up again you feel like you are going to pee your pants. Then you try to hold it because you seriously went only five minutes ago and it gets seriously UNCOMFORTABLE. When you finally do go you get...trickle, trickle, trickle. Are you fucking kidding me? All of that for two seconds of peeing. Give me a break.

5. Worrying: With everything that I am experiencing now there is a lot to worry about. With every little twitch, pain, movement or lack there of, and new occurrence I worry. I feel him move and he instantly has my attention. I don't feel him move when I am used to and he instantly has my attention. I feel a twinge or sharp pain anywhere in my stomach and instantly I am thinking, "What in the HELL does that mean?" Most of the time I want to call my Doctor with all these little questions but I also want to avoid the, "Oh...this is her first one." statement. Like all of the questions that I have are stupid and if I new anything I wouldn't be asking it. What the FUCK! Honestly.

Pregnancy is an awesome experience...truly eye opening. Not only do you learn a lot about life...a lot about yourself...and a lot of stuff about your body that you would rather have not known. LOL. Seriously...I wouldn't trade little Gunnar for any of these things or more. He is truly now my I better get used to all the trouble he comes with. He is a Tamez after all.