Saturday, July 3, 2010

Movie Madness

Everyone knows that I love and will always love movies. Even the really crappy 60's and 70's adventure movies with ridiculously bad graphics and acting such as The Voyages of Sinbad, Conan the Barbarian, and Red Sonja...all classics. Someone has to appreciate them I guess so why not me. Anyway I am always happy to have a new saga to follow, first it was Lord of the Rings, then Harry Potter and now the Twilight series. It leaves me wondering since Harry Potter is about over and now the Twilight series it about over what will be next? There is always the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean, and the third Transformers movie but I am talking about the epic stories of battle, love, and betrayal. What will be next? Anyway, I went to see the Eclipse movie on Thursday and it was awesome! I think it is my favorite thus far. The acting was much better, the makeup and wardrobe was a billion times better and it was funny. The rivalry between Jacob and Edward is well illustrated and colored with humor. I am so ready for the next one. I also saw the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie and am super excited for that one also. It is going to be epic I know. There is also The Expendables, and The Switch, and Paranormal Activity two (the first one about made me pee my pants I was so scared) coming up and will probably be amazing. Well, I guess that is enough movie talk for now...I sometimes forget that not everyone is obsessed.