Saturday, October 18, 2008

OK...I have a lot to share and talk about so here we go.

First. Today is my brothers first Home Coming Dance...oh my god am I getting old. He wanted to rent a tux that was all black, white, and red so that he could look like the Hit Man(you know the movie). He looked so handsome it about made me sick. We also decided to let him use our $30,000 truck with the lift and tinted windows to drive himself to the dance(god help us) but we did give him a 5 mile limit and we wrote down the mileage so maybe that will help. Here are his pictures. The second one is my favorite.

Second. I wanted to share with you my latest assignment for Craft Warehouse. We had to decorate a jewelry box. They wanted us to seal the box which would make it look shiny and I didn't like that so I left it alone and let it look like a chalkboard. I thought the look was much better. They gave us these new bead things from 7 Gypsies and also some flowers from them and I loved them all. Here are the photos.

Thirdly. I also wanted to share the pictures of my latest layout. I absolutely love it! The monochromatic theme and the glitter really stand out for me. It is titled "Wondering about you". The journaling says: "We wonder...who you will look like more? What color is your hair? Will you be and athlete or a scholar? How tall will you be? What will be your favorite color? What we know is we love you more than life." I used products from Making Memories, American Crafts, Karen Foster, Rusty Pickle, Imaginesce, and Bazzill. The lace stamp was made with a sculpy texture plate that I painted and stamped with. They are my favorite things lately. I found one with coursive writing on it, a grid pattern or graphing paper pattern, this lace one and a few others. I also got them on clearance for about 0.95 can you beat that? Here check it out!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well, the countdown begins. Only 10 days left until my baby shower and it seems like there is so much to do. I do have all the prizes, the location set up, the games planned, the cake ordered and the invitations out. Whew! I still need to get decorations and arrange the food thing with the restaurant we are having it at. I chose a local Mexican restaurant for three reasons.

1. I don't have to clean up or do any dishes. THANK GOD!

2. The girls can drink if they want to. Who doesn't like a good margarita after all?

3. I get to have Shrimp of the Devil for dinner! YES!!! Even though I will probably melt like the wicked witch of the west from the heartburn it is totally worth it.

I also have to make these little diaper things that you pin on every ones shirt and then at the end of the night you open the little diapers and whoever has the DIRTY diaper wins a prize. How disgustingly funny! I can't wait. We are also going to play a game where you take five different types of baby food and take the labels off them. You pass them around and everyone has to taste them and guess at what they think they are. The person with the most right guesses wins a prize. We are playing two more games, the can't cross your legs game and a game where everyone cuts a length of yarn that they think will fit around my belly without going over. The closest guess wins. They were the funnest games I could find.

My sister, mother, grandmother, and friend Megan have been helping a bit so that is nice. I like being the one to plan things and make the decisions...

Ohh...Gunnar is kicking and my stomach is moving back and cute!

...I just wish I could pawn the work off. Who doesn't?

I also have my third birthing class tonight. I can't believe that it is already the third week of has gone by so fast. Adam goes to every class with me and he is hilarious! He asks all the questions that no one ells wants to ask or is afraid to ask.

Last week we watched a video on the "Stages of Labor" that was actually very informational. At one point we're watching the video and it is showing a woman who is having a baby early so it is covered in the white cheese looking stuff so I look over at Adam to see how he is handling it and he is seriously about to hyperventilate! It was so funny. Also every woman in the video who is having a baby is completely naked and you can see everyone looking around whispering to their partner..."why are they all so you have to be naked like that?"

My nurse who is teaching the class Sue was also showing us the positions of the baby in the hips and so she was holding up this little baby doll and a model of the pelvis and immediately I look at her have got to be kidding, that is never going to work! I know logically that it has to work and has worked for thousands of years but every time I imagine that baby and the pelvis it freaks me out a bit. I guess it is normal to get freaked out. Adam helps out a lot with the questions that he asks and the jokes that he makes. He is like the class clown and it really helps to keep me calm and tone down the seriousness of the class. I don't know if I will be able to do this without him. I am so glad he will be there.