Sunday, November 23, 2008

Besides the cheering teenage crowd the movie was awesome. I thought that Adam was going to get up and leave when the first WEEEWWW! went up when Edward finally made and appearance. It was funny. I thought besides being shorter than I wanted it to be it was really, really good. They did a good job making it funny and relateble to the teenage crowd without overdoing it. I am really excited for the next three though...I wish they were coming out all at once. They did have some really good movies coming up in the previews though. Besides the Harry Potter preview...which looked AWESOME...they had this new movie with Tom Cruise that looked really good. Most of them come out in December so I will hopefully be able to go to the movies...depending upon Gunnar and when he wants to make is great appearance. Even then I think that Adam would be only too happy to stay home with him and have him totally to himself for the night...the only question would have to be if I could bare to be away from him so soon. We will see. Anyway...GREAT movie, and I totally recommend for others to go and see it. If it wasn't so expensive to see a movie...$9.00, unbelievable...I would go and see it again. I adore the love story.