Monday, May 23, 2011

Bedtime Madness

Lately Gun has started this thoroughly infuriating and totally enduring routine. I sit him in his bed around 7:00 to start settling down and get ready for bedtime and watch part of a movie. I go in and out of the room getting him this and that, water, toys, blankets and books until I tell him that it is time to turn the movie off and then the world comes crashing down as we know it. He starts throwing a giant fit and I leave the room telling him to go to sleep and that I love him. Not a minute after I walk out of the room I hear a big thump and he comes crying out of the room saying:

"Gunnar fall...."(he flung himself out of his bed and onto the floor)

He is kinda dramatic a character trait only recently developed and more than mildly entertaining...especially when  he is throwing a giant fit because he wants a pickle but doesn't want you to get it out of the jar for him he wants to stick his entire grubby toddler hand in the jar and pick it out.

I go to him and pick him up and put him back in bed and comfort him and he says:

"Mommy lay with Gunnar and rub back..."(how can I resist that with his puppy dog look)

So I lay down with him for about fifteen minutes and rub his back and then he falls asleep. It has been going on like this for about a week. Tonight...I fell asleep with him. There really is nothing like being  mom and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. He makes my life special.