Thursday, November 10, 2011

About a week ago recieved my VERY early Christmas present from my amazing husband and after I signed the pad with the UPS man and did a very energetic happy dance I started unpacking it and set it up in may craft room. I have since only tackled a few projects and played a bit with the stitches...I have not really done a whole lot. Truth is...I am a bit intimidated by this machine. It is about 3 times bigger then my Kenmore Mini Ultra which I have been sewing on for the last seven years and does just about anything and everything you can imagine. I was completely awed by it when I saw them demonstrating it in HSN (yes...we are occasional HSN watchers) and it looked super user friendly but now that it is unpacked...I am just a bit overwhelmed. What is a woman to do? I guess I am just gonna have to dive right in and see where it goes. Maybe I just need to find the right project to get me going...maybe that new coat pattern I bought with do the trick!