Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fair 2011

It was time once again for the annual Malheur County Fair so Adam and I loaded Gun up in the car and headed for the fair grounds. We took Gun to see all the livestock and the pigs and horses (of course) were his favorites. While we were walking through all the stables for the horses we looked over to see Gun with his pants down in the middle of the isle going pee....yeah, pee. We were of course semi-mortified because we were in a public location but it is better then him peeing in his pants and really, we live in Vale so it wasn't that bad. After the livestock we sat down to eat something because I was not about to leave the fair with out getting a happy bowl, scone, and kettle corn...what kind of fair experience would that be without the basics? Then we ventured to the carnival where I was astounded to learn it cost three dollars per ride...OH MY GOD...and three dollars per carnival game. So we rode the two rides he was big enough to do and did the two carnival games that we could help him with. He left with a little teddy bear worth about 50 cents that actually cost us 6 dollars and memorable ride on the motorcycle merry-go-round. We left with these FABULOUS pictures which were completely worth the trip.