Saturday, August 16, 2008

Guess what movie comes out not on December 12th like they said it would but on November 21! How exciting....I can't wait to go and battle the teenage mob to get a good seat. I intend on using every advantage I have the fact that I am pregnant. I am going to ask them if I can go in the theater first and get a seat because I will be nine month pregnant and physically hindered. I bet it works. Hahahahahaha!
I am also waiting for Midnight Sun to come out. The novel written from Edwards point of view. I have read all four books at least three times already and wish there were many more to come. I guess I will just have to be happy that it ended the way I wanted it to.
I wanted to post these sweet little pictures of my baby BOY! Isn't he cute! I know they are just ultrasound photos but I still cherish and love them. Apparently when you are looking to see if it is a boy or a girl you look for three dots or nothing. The three dots on the second photo next to the arrow are pretty clear I would say. A sweet! Look at his little fist!

I also did this layout for the Queen of the Crop contest on the Craft warehouse Website. The first way to win is to have the most public votes, then it must be chosen by the celebrity panel. The prize is a $250.00 gift certificate to Craft warehouse. I hope that this layout is good enough. Cross you fingers for me and if you get the opportunity to stop by their website ( and vote for me that would be awesome!