Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well, there had been a lot going on lately. My baby shower was great. Quite a few people were there and by the time it was over, I was stuffed, sweating like I was going through menopause, and tired enough to sleep for three days. Here is my one and only pregnant picture so far, I am 30 weeks pregnant here. I know what everyone is going to say..."you should take a ton of pictures and document this time in your life." me, i will never forget what it was like being pregnant and I don't need a thousand pictures showing how huge I have gotten. Not that I am whole heartedly complaining...I do get to eat a lot of stuff that I wouldn't because I am pregnant, it really isn't that bad. Plus when I get done breast feeding Gunnar (if I can) I am going back to see my doctor who helped me loose almost 40lbs in three months before. Dr. Radar. He is awesome and well worth the money.

I also finished my last birthing class last Tuesday and it was all about infant care. The nurse took out the bulb sucker and it immediately scared the crap out of me. I mean I know that it is not likely to hurt the baby but the whole "sucking" thing and sticking it up his nose and in his mouth is a bit terrifying for me. I guess that I will get over it but I don't know. I also wasn't thrilled about the umbilical cord thing. What if I bump it and it hurts him or something. When they were talking about it I looked at Adam and said "I think you got this one".

Now that Gunnar is ONLY at the MOST 62 days away from arriving and his room is so full of stuff it is getting more real and I am getting both really excited and really nervous. I keep imagining bringing him home and looking at Adam and going "Now what?". I got a lot of great stuff at my baby shower. Mostly blankets, and warm sleepers. I got some toys, sippy cups, diapers, and a vibrating table top chair in the fisher price rain forest theme that I just love. I also got some cash so I went and bought him a bath, it is blue and has a net for him to sit in that sits in the water for when he is a newborn and then you can take it off when he is a toddler. I also got a cover for his car seat that will help keep him warm. Adams dad bought us a travel system and it is really great. I am so glad we have it. Adam looked so funny literally jumping up and down on the stroller and car seat in the middle of the store. Everyone was staring at us and I looked at him like, "what are you doing?" he said, "I just want to make sure it is safe." Ten minutes later he stands up and goes, "I'm impressed!" I said, "you should be." It was funny. Today I bought a white and blue glider on sale for 75.00...what a deal, and a bobby pillow. It is so fun shopping for him. It will be better when he is here and I can dress him up and hold him, and play with him.

Adam also went hunting this last weekend and the first day he sat down in his spot and shot a bull within ten minutes. He got to spend the rest of the day (12 hours) packing it out. He is a big 6 x 6. I would be proud of him. He got to come home on the same day and I was super happy because it is hard for me to have him gone for any long period of time. Guess it is the pregnant thing coming through. It was always hard but not THIS hard. Here is a picture of him.