Thursday, December 18, 2008

Well I went to the doctor and today and found out that I am 3 centimeters dilated, my blood pressure, and weight gain are fine. I also had to have an ultra sound to check Gunnar's size again and this time it said that he weighed 7lbs. and 4oz. with three weeks to go. The doctor said that everything was fine and that now we just wait. I hate that! "now we just wait". That is like saying you have won 297 million dollars but you just have to wait for it.

I was laying there on the table while he checked my cervix and was wondering why in all the baby books I have bought they never mention that when the doc checks your cervix it hurts like HELL! When I thought about it I realized there are a lot of things that they don't tell you in those books. For instance, they don't tell you that literally your crotch is going to hurt...I mean they tell you your hips hurt from the spreading but not your CROTCH! I guess I should read Jenny McCarthy's(spelling ?) book, maybe she will be more truthful. The normal baby books are vague like they don't want to scare you. What scares me is all the shit that I don't know because they didn't tell me that. A good example...your mucus plug will be a snotty ball of tissue that is white...or yellow...or brown...or red. WHAT THE HELL OTHER COLOR COULD IT BE! Why not throw blue or green in there for gods sake. Can they be a little more specific PLEASE!
I know that I would appreciate it.

I guess I have really made it into the final stages of pregnancy. I am testy, judgemental, and very TRUTHFUL! I was hoping to skip all that and keep my sanity but I am completely engrossed in the emotional pregnancy cloud. Like you can't tell from my babbling. Anyway, I wanted to post the new picture of Gunnar that the lady gave me today. It is a 3D ultrasound photo and you can see his little chin and his BIG lips. He has is fist in his face rubbing one of his eyes so you can only see half of his face but it is still cute. At least I think so! Here it is:

We are so excited for him to get here. I can't wait to hold my arms, not my giant house of a uterus...and kiss his sweet cheeks and lips.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have a lot of new stuff to share with you so lets get started.
Fist is my latest work for Craftwarehouse. It is my last assignment and they have really come through this time with some bright and fun paper. Hambly...who doesn't' love them? I do want to say sorry though because I was unable to think of something fun and quirky to do with the moustache rubons...I guess my mind wasn't far enough out there for that. Anyway...I was charged with making two layouts, a tag or card, and something of our own choice. I decided to make the two layouts, a tag, and a card. I wanted the projects to be bright and chaotic just like the paper. Here are the pictures. Some of them are a little blurry and the overlays got a little dusty so there you go. I also didn't post a picture of the is just square and green. Not much to see.
Second. Adam and I finished Gunnar's room the other day except for the trim around the door and window and the curtain (which I have to make yet) but I wanted to post pictures of the color so that every can see it and the crib bedding. It is a green called Pesto and the Rain forest Bedding set from Fisher Price. Here are the photos.

Look at his little clothes in the cute is that. He doesn't have much to hand up...most of it is onsies which I guess is a good thing. I love the bedding set we got for the crib...the monkey, tiger, and tucan (which you can't see) is adorable. What do you think of the color? I think it is perfect.
I went back to the doctor on Friday and my blood pressure was perfect. 110/62. He asked me what has changed since then and I told him that Adam came home and he said, "well, I don't recommend that he leave again any time soon." I have to go back for my next appointment on Thursday and he will give me another ultrasound to check Gunnar's size because I am now measuring 39 inches. Almost full term. He then said, "if this baby is close to 10 pounds you might want to consider a c-section." I looked at him and said, "that sounds awesome." If Gunnar is ten pounds I don't think I will be able to deliver him vaginally. That is a huge baby.
I have also been really nervous lately because we are getting so close. Every time I feel any type of pain that is new to me...and there is a lot of them...I wonder if it is time or not. Every day I get up and every night I go to bed I wonder if it will be today or tonight. I guess that is normal...I just can't wait for him to get here.
We are almost ready for Christmas. Our living room is about done and we found a really great deal on carpet for the first of the year. I can't wait to have everything put back together again. It is so hard living in a house that you are remodelling. Nothing is clean, and as hard as you try it never will be clean until you are done. Well, we are almost there so I guess that is the best I can ask for now.